Become the Leader that can Overpower Oceans...

Discover How 7 Personal Actions Will Help You Achieve ALL the Leadership Success You Seek...

...without years of frustration, countless failures trying — even if you feel like the biggest wimp in your organization!

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Dear Friend,

If you desire to boost your influence with more authority, personal confidence, and higher leadership positions in your company or organization...

But have anxieties and fears holding you back from taking the steps necessary to advance... and want to eliminate these roadblocks —

Then you'll want to read this because there's a path for you to move up quickly involving just 7 action spheres...

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Best Selling Author,
Leader since 1981

But First, Take Note of This Disclaimer:

Results ARE typical

I've personally been diagnosed with severe anxiety disorders yet rose to the level of commanding officer of an aviation squadron in the U.S. Navy and the operations officer of a 5,500 person aircraft carrier.

Despite psychologists and psychiatrists telling me they could not understand how someone of my level of anxiety succeeded as a leader...

I personally guided over 10,000 people since 1981 in achieving goals and rising to ranks they never expected possible.

I can, without hesitation, promise you that you can do it, too.

You can transform your professional existence from competing against every boot licking average Joe (or Josephine), to being the clear leadership choice, regardless of how tough your working environment may be.

I've analyzed and reviewed my actions for both success and failure through the years. The result is you get a neatly wrapped pathway to leadership success in 7 spheres of action.

The BIGGEST LESSON learned...

If you focus your efforts in these 7 spheres, there is nothing you can't achieve for growing your personal leadership and influence to ANY level you desire.

If you run a business, seek executive positions, want to lead a team, or rise up in the military, then you'll find this letter totally worth your time.

With this understanding, I'll show you...

Exactly What You'll Receive

This book is blunt and not full of vague or abstract ideas you can't easily grasp...

You get the areas of focus I've qualified over the years through my experiences and successes. You get the techniques I learned by trial and error and from my best leaders. You get what works!

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Nothing confusing. No fancy language. It's easy to read, you'll have fun reading it, and you won't want to put it down.

It's very likely you'll want to read the entire book in one sitting. This means you can start building your leadership spheres NOW and not have to wait.

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This is About Much More Than Becoming an Awesome Leader

This is important:

The fact is, being a good or great leader can be easy.

But only if you know where to focus your efforts and what has the greatest effects for you and those you lead.

There's definitely a wealth of courses, books and leadership coaches available to guide you.

Having worked with and led thousands of people, I can tell you that most of them won't be specific enough to ensure you'll get the fast and lasting growth you want.

The reason is, you need to put what you read into action.

Sadly, most leadership development programs and books provide great motivation but not the specifics you MUST have to take action.

The result is most commonly you begin to try and take action, but you can't find the path to stay on, and what you learned is lost. Has this happened to you?

Whether you're just starting your journey to leadership or looking to move out of a leadership rut to move up, you need something that stays with you.

You need something you can use that ensures you set yourself apart from your competitors. This book has the concrete concepts needed for you to become the most respected and highly effective leader in your leadership environment.

With your copy of my new book, Overpower Oceans, you enable your personal transformation from struggling with or against the "average Joe" to become the clear leadership choice - and you won't have to lick anyone's boots to do it.

This is your book to make yourself a major influencer in your company or organization and crush your competitors without them knowing it's happening.

It's the book to complete your elevation to respect with confidence simply by delivering what others don't and won't do because they don't focus on the key spheres.

Here's a Bit of What You'll Find In Your Copy...

  • How a parent's influence is more powerful on determining your leadership future than most imagine (find it on pg. 22)
  • Keeping this closed more than open will enable you to lead more effectively than any of your peers. Revealed on pg. 82
  • Is it possible to self-evaluate to determine your leadership future from your time growing up? See pg. 24 for the answer
  • Proof that even people with irrational, uncontrollable fears can become highly successful leaders (see pg. 18)
  • Discover which leadership sphere is the "route of propelling ahead where others languished or failed." The answer's on pg. 30
  • Why beliefs can be true regardless of the facts and how they affect your leadership outcomes (good or bad). See the truth on pg. 32
  • Uncover the secret to what it takes to become the person making the most decisive decisions and get positive results - even if you normally procrastinate. Find the answer on pg. 46
  • See why achieving amazing results can be deadly to an organization if the leadership can't handle this sphere correctly. It's on pg. 34
  • Can your daily beliefs be transformed to bold beliefs? Find the answer on pg. 35 and the formula to making bold beliefs a reality.
  • The secret to making a historically negative group believe the most positive outcomes are possible, even when other leaders gave up. It's on pg. 37
  • The method to develop a solution your leaders don't believe and how to make work to launch you to unbelievable success. The story begins on pg. 39
  • Revealed on pg. 43 is the one ability any leader MUST have to become a truly good or great leader.
  • Realize the one thing every good leader must be prepared for when using sphere-2 on the spot (see pg. 52)
  • Does the fear of failure prevent you from achieving leadership positions and moving up the chain? Find out on pg. 28
  • Learn the secret to success with sphere-3 and why it's essential for good leaders to become the "person most wanted" for the top positions in your company (on pg. 58)
  • You must have this to make sphere-3 a massive success no one will question. See the secret ingredient on pg. 60
  • The 2-key sub-principles that guarantee sphere-3's leadership influence. Without them, you'll only struggle more (found on pg. 62)
  • Discover what leadership sphere is critical to successfully trusting your instincts in even the most high pressure moments you can imagine. (on pg. 50)

World-class Leadership Development Strategies and Inside Secrets to Make You the Leader of Choice

  • Try these 7 guidelines to boost your leadership and effectiveness and put you on the road to greatness (on pg. 118)
  • Discover why, without sphere-4, your chances of becoming a good leader get reduced to next to none. (read it on pg.68)
  • The shocking key to making sphere-4 highly effective in rapidly advancing your leadership growth. See it on pg. 72
  • Avoid this fatal flaw when developing your sphere-4 skills to ensure never-ending success as a leader. It's on pg. 73
  • This is the key to getting peak creativity from the entire team/organization. Having this will make you crisis-proof. Explained on pg. 81
  • How to apply the leadership principles (spheres) and get the best results, fast (see pg. 30)
  • Why failing to close this leads to poor decisions and weak outcome for leaders. It's the secret to short, highly productive meetings as well. See what this is on pg. 86
  • Try this simple strategy to compel your team to do exactly what you wanted and get zero resistance every time. The strategy is on pg. 87
  • Make one of these as a leader and you'll have time you never imagined having. It's all on pg. 98
  • This important life principle that all leaders must follow to get the most for their team and for themselves. It's explained on pg. 123
  • Follow these 6 proven steps on pg. 101 to create trust, gain more time for yourself, and have more vacations.
  • See pg. 104 for the secret to your leadership success never ending. Some will love it, some will hate it. But it'll make you great.
  • If you don't have this one thing, you'll likely never achieve the leadership levels and success you seek. (Find it on pg. 115)
  • Use this time-tested sphere-5 strategy to get the most out of yourself without negative impact on your team. It's on pg. 88 and you'll love the effect on your boss.
  • 4 simple steps to having the best people outside your leadership team ready to help you on demand. They're on pg. 113
  • Make this mistake about management methods and you'll kill your leadership chances. Read about it on pg. 116
  • Don't do this one common mistake by leaders to avoid losing trust from your team and increasing your daily work load. (See pg. 96)
  • Would knowing the right secret to ensure the best people are always willing to help you in a crisis be valuable? See pg. 108 for details
  • Get a 5-point checklist to guide you to powerful leadership results with sphere-3. You'll find it on pg. 65

Advanced Personal Leadership Development Strategies to Build Confidence and Influence

Here's a bit of the unexpected...

Most people think about leadership and who can be leaders entirely wrong.

They think some are born to lead and those that aren't can't or won't lead.

They couldn't be more wrong and this book proves it.

Witness this:

Your ability to leads starts with you and what you want.

In fact, people who suffered dramatic effects of depression and anxiety became successful and great leaders.

People such as:

  • Buzz Aldrin
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Barbara Bush
  • Art Buchwald
  • Calvin Coolidge
  • Johnny Carson
  • Boris Yelstin
  • and many others

All experienced anxiety disorders and/or severe battles with depression.

Heck, many even thought they never wanted to lead anything, but ended up leading massive change.

Empowering and enabling yourself with leadership skills and insights others won't positions you to be the leader of choice... when and if you choose.

When you choose to develop these key leadership spheres, you accomplish many things at once for both yourself and your company, unit or organization:

  • You gain respect from seniors and peers you never believed possible
  • You open up to new, team-leading ideas that bring you the confidence to you need to advance
  • You're viewed as a thought leader and influencer. The go-to person to make great things happen
  • Appointments to key positions come to you, you don't have to beg for them
  • Others want to be on your team because it's obvious who's making the real difference

It's why when you choose this book and dig into its pages, you'll be uncovering a leadership paradigm with a clear path creating a life of success and leadership for yourself.

The 7-spheres you now have are the keys to opening your mind to strategies for unbounded success that comes faster and easier than ever before.

This is a leadership realm that no other book, program, course or coach teaches (I know, I've looked at so many).

Plus, every sphere is fully "illustrated" with real-world stories that'll both excite you and demonstrate why and how you make it all happen for you.

The Perfect Guide for People Hating Being Mis-Led

(or those unsure how to step up and lead)

All of us have had bosses or leaders where we've said we could do this better than them. (This includes me)

But many people are unsure of what it truly takes to become or get selected as that leader.

I found, after having a career of achieving and mentoring others to achieve, I totally lived lead and could not be just another employee, ever!

Would you like this to be you, too?

Here's Why Leading is What I Live for:

First, I don't like being told how, when, or what to do. Not ever.

After working for leaders that allowed me to lead, I can't imagine doing anything else.

But most important...

Leading instead of following allowed me to positively impact so many thousands of people in a powerful and meaningful way that following would never allow to happen.

When You Choose to Be Empowered by These 7-Spheres, 2 Things will Happen:

First… you'll realize this is something you can embrace and enact immediately. Even if you've feared stepping up in the past without really knowing what holds you back.

Second... even if you've been uninspired, felt like you lack actionable leadership insights, or feared you had no leadership pipeline for the future, you'll find how to create it for yourself.

And that's worth having this proven framework in your hands.

Here's the Next Step...

Your investment to download this new book is $7.63. It's delivered to you instantly as a PDF download.

Why so low? That's practically giving it away.

The answer: so you can have quicker, and put it to action faster.

Plus, mailing has it's problems with the cost of shipping and reliability of delivery. This way, I know that you get your copy.

And, if you do have a rare download issue, I'll know about it quicker and resolve the problem for you personally.

Finally, if you still want the paperback printed copy, you can get the 1st Edition on Amazon. No problem. It's just that I can't help you if Amazon creates issues.

The bottom line is, I'm figuring you'd rather have the book immediately rather than wait for a 3rd party delivery at a much higher cost, and a greater risk. Am I correct?

What'll happen when you choose to place your order now is:

  • Once your order is complete, you'll be taken to an invoice and download page
  • There, you'll find a secure download link to instantly access your PDF version of the book

Now, you may be thinking this, but...

There is NO Catch...

Because the cost is so low, many think "there must be a catch."

It's common that a low cost, upfront offer is really just a lead in to something much more expensive. So, you get offered another great deal.

Then you find you're signed up for monthly recurring costs...

I assure you, that's not what's happening here.

There's no hidden costs and no back door programs to leave spending more than what you read right here. Nothing like that, at all.

You pay just the $7.63 and I deliver you the real value.

I'm completely confident that when you make the choice to grab your copy now, you'll totally love it — and it's very likely we'll have a long, professional relationship.

Right now, you must remember...

Act Quickly Because...

For me, this is a marketing test.

So, for you, this means if the test doesn't go the way I like, I can pull this offer immediately.

The cost of selling a book typically runs a little less than $20.00 per copy when marketing independent of publishers.

You're wondering why would I do this?

Mainly, I'm certain that you'll love this book and, therefore, will have interest in other training offers.

Thus, the offer is limited and I could end it suddenly and without notice. Therefore, it's important you make your choice now.

When I pull this offer, it's over.

And, oh yeah, you get a full money-back guarantee. You're fully protected...

My Promise is This... You Get a 100% Full Money Back Guarantee

I know, if you truly seek advancement in leadership, that you'll love this book.

If you don't, I'll refund your purchase price and you keep the book (seriously, how could I get it back when it's delivered to you instantly as a PDF download?)

Just email me or use the support link I provide and I'll refund your purchase price, no questions asked.

Isn't that completely fair?

The Time is Truly Limited

Get Your Copy Before It's Gone

I sincerely thank you for your time and patience today, reading through this letter.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you, regardless of your choice today.


Wayne Sharer

P.S. This is mainly for those, like me, that skip through the letters and jump to the end. Here's what you're getting:

The leading leadership book for transforming your professional existence from one of struggling with your peers and "boot licking" competition to being the leader of choice simply by your actions and results.

You get the tools and guidance most leadership books, leadership development programs, and coaches don't deliver because they don't know the spheres and how to use them.

You're ultimately empowered with the leadership confidence that gains you the influence and standing you need to move up in your leadership realm.

The price you pay for making your choice is an extremely low $7.63.

This is a limited, no catch offer.

There are no follow up orders, free-trials, or other gotchas.

In fact, because this is a marketing test for me, I'm likely losing money on the effort. So don't waste time making your choice.

This offer is risk-free to you. You'll get a full, 100% money-back refund if you are not satisfied in the next 7-days.

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